Maximizing Bath Time for a Fun and Safe Experience

Bathtime for a baby is always a fun and wholesome experience. Some babies don’t like bathtime but they usually come around once the warm water touches their skin and if you make it fun with toys, colorful towels like Hooded Baby Towels and of course; bubbles. Below are some basics steps to take in order to make bathtime a fun and safe experience

Check that Water Temperature

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Always test the water before letting your child in to make sure it’s a nice mild/warm temperature. First, you should fill the bath with cold water, and then fill it with hot water to make it as warm as you need it. Mix the water up to ensure that there are no hot pockets of water, and test the water yourself first. Always make sure the water isn’t too hot and you have to be very careful about this because the water might be ok on your skin but might still be too hot for the baby.

If you decide to take a bath with your baby, the temperature should be adjusted primarily for her comfort and safety. You may think it’s not too hot for you, but, remember that your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. Bear in mind that it should be cooler than your usual hot shower or bath. If you have a thermometer, you may check the water temperature and make sure it’s around 36 to 38-degree Celsius. Place the thermometer under the water stream in the shower or the tub once you’ve filled it up.

If you don’t have a thermometer, you may go the more traditional way by using your wrist or your elbow. It should not be too hot or too cold. It just needs to be warm enough that it won’t cause scalding.

If you want to shower with your baby, take note that the water temperature can change rapidly. So, you need to take that into consideration if your shower controls are not fully functional.

Never Leave Your Child Unattended In or Near the Water

This should go without saying: from the moment you start filling the bathtub you should always make sure your child is supervised. Toddlers can be very curious, and it’s very easy for them to fall into a filling tub face first even if you only look away for a moment. When it comes to bath time, never leave your child alone even for a second. Therefore, double check that you have everything with you that you might need, including toys, soaps, and towels, to make sure you won’t have to leave to go get something. When filling the tub with water, you don’t need to fill it to the line. A few inches deep is good enough. Just right enough for her to get washed, but, safe enough so the baby won’t accidentally drown even while she’s supervised.

Keep All Electrical Appliances Out of Reach

You should take all electrical appliances, such as curling irons or radios, out of the area. Again, toddlers can be very curious and have anything electrical around the bathtub is an extreme electrocution hazard. Also, keep your phone out of reach during bath time so it doesn’t fall into the tub or distract you.

Watch out for that Slippery Floor

If you haven’t already, it’s best to have a non-slip bath mat. When holding your baby, whether in the shower or the tub, it prevents both of you from slipping and facing the most unfortunate accidents.

Also, as much fun as it is to teach your baby to take a few steps and walk towards you, the tub may not be the best place for it. Even with a non-slip mat and a lightning speed mom reflex, it can still be very dangerous. Make sure your baby is in your arms or within reach the whole time.

Use Safe Bath Accessories and Toys

A common hazard related to bath time is slipping and falling. The solution to this is to purchase an anti-slip bathtub mat which you should be able to purchase at any baby or department store. You should also invest in cushioned spout covers for the faucets, cushy toys and warm soft towels like the hooded baby towels.

Use Mild Soaps & Shampoos

Many soaps and shampoos designed for adults can be too harsh for a toddler’s sensitive skin and contain too many artificial chemicals.Try to buy specialized soaps and shampoos designed for toddlers or natural soaps which will be mild enough for their sensitive skin.

Use Bathtubs Made Specially for Babies

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For the first months of the baby’s life or even the first 18 months, it’s advisable to use tubs designs just for babies. These tubs come in colorful colors and design and well-padded with mildew-resistant foam along the interior. The base of the tub, where the baby sits, puts them in an upright position, which provides more support, makes it more comfortable, and is safer, too. The sides are smooth and soft, so even if your baby flails and splashes around while you bathe them they’re not going to hurt themselves.

Tubs like this can be sued for both newborns and toddlers. If you have a newborn, try to get a tub that has an attachable mesh that attaches to the inside, making it a breeze to give them a bath. It lets you get a hand free, too! What’s really nice about the hammock is that it’s adjustable, so you can raise and lower it as you need. It’s recommended not to submerge babies for the first few weeks so you can have them raised up out of the water for a sponge bath.

Have Proper Storage

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If you have the space in your bathroom, make a storage space like a container or basket to store bath toys, washcloths, soaps, shampoos and any other items you might need during bath time. This is especially a good idea if your bathroom is a shared bathroom, that way, all the bath toys and baby products do not get in the way when the adults in the house need to use the space.